Bornhava’s Wish List Gift Cards


Bornhava’s wish list is a big hit at our auction every year, it almost always completely sells out! This year, our wish list has gone virtual and you can view it here on Amazon (link opens in a new tab) to buy items directly.

However, many of our teachers and therapists have simply requested Amazon gift cards so they may buy items throughout the year as the need arises. Each gift card purchased below will be given to a teacher or therapist group to use to purchase items for their classrooms & therapies.

  • Teacher Gift Card
    Gift cards will be split among teachers at our on-site and integrated locations to purchase items for their classrooms. We currently have 10 classrooms.
  • Therapist Gift Card
    Each gift card will be split among our OT,  PT, and Speech departments to use for their therapies.
  • Nurse Gift Card
    This gift card will be used to purchase medical supplies for our nurse’s office.

Thank you for your support!

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Teachers, Therapists, Nurse